Are you ready for the ULTIMATE SVG club for makers? It’s finally here!

Each month you will get access to…

*5 brand new designs exclusive to Maker SVG club members.

*Regular vinyl versions of each design and bridged versions of each design.

*A monthly bonus of either extra SVGs, mockup photos, or an exclusive tutorial with Ashley.

*commercial use license…use the designs to create products and make money!

*a welcome bonus of 20 amazing SVG designs just for joining us 

All for $10 a month for our founding members! 

 How does this work?

Each month you will be auto-billed on the same day of the month you initially checked out. That month’s SVGs will be waiting for you after you receive your email with login information and login to the member area. You have until the end of the month to download and save the SVGs.

On the first Monday of each new month the new SVGs will be loaded into your welcome member area on the website and emailed to all current members. Each month you will continue to receive your SVGs and your bonuses as long as you are a member. To cancel you will need to email We need a 14 day cancellation notice…however if you received SVGs for the current month, you will still be charged on your payment date for that month  and be cancelled for the following month.

And just for joining us, we have a 20 pack of SVGs as a welcome bonus for you after you sign up. As well as 4 picture mockups!

What about previous month’s SVGs?

You can’t access the previous month’s SVGs if you weren’t a member. That’s what makes these designs so exclusive. It is a member’s responsibility to download and save the SVGs and/or the email with them before the first of each month when they will disappear and the new designs will be loaded.

How can I ask more questions?

We recorded a video walking you through the entire process. You can watch that here. You can follow along on The Profitable Sign Maker Facebook page where I paint some of the SVG designs each month. You can also message us on that page or send an email to

Can I use these on products I want to sell?

YES!!!!!! (Sorry, got excited there!) We WANT you to make money from being a part of this SVG club. So take the designs and put them on products that you want to sell. You are NOT allowed to sell stencils of the designs (but you can use them in classes and take and make kits). And you CANNOT sell, distribute, or giveaway the SVG files. But you can make signs or mugs or shirts and sell them. That’s why this club is so amazing! You can make so much more than the cost of the club each month.

Wouldn’t change my membership joining for anything! The svg’s are on point! Don’t use Mylar “yet” that’s okay there are vinyl versions too! My expectations of the svg’s were met the very first one! Best yet I don’t have to bridge them! They are all done for you! Game changer!

Veronica S.

The SVGs are amazing, the fonts are put together so well. The bridging is great and it saves so much time from me trying to create my own. The fonts that are used in the SVGs work so well with stencils. The stencils save me so much time and time is money!

Nancy B

Your SVG’s are very clean and the bridges are in the perfect spot so they look like they are part of the font or design. I am very inspired by you design and style as well. Thank you for supporting us sign makers and filling us with so many ideas.

Keri N.

I didn’t even know what an SVG was until I found you!! Your SVG’s are so awesome and easy to work with. I have made a lot of signs and sold a lot too cause of your SVG’s. All I can say is more SVG’s please!!!
Karon Y

Absolutely love all using your SVGs! They are so clean and easy to cut. The Mylar versions are my absolute favorite. The bridges are always in the perfect spot and the perfect size. SVGs themselves pay for my membership! Thank you for being the best.

Amber M

The SVGs are awesome!

Angela H

your SVG’s are so precise and so current. The fact that you give us SVG’s for both cutting and painting is amazing. I haven’t painted for years and now that I found you and your constant help and encouragement I am happy to be back painting and now selling my work.

Brenda F

The SVG’s are up to date and easy to use. I love the option to use bridged for  stencil making or not for vinyl. Some of the SVG’s are great for tees not just signs. You all ways have great ideas!

Samantha R

Thank you, Thank you for all the time you put into the SVG’S you make for us!

Arlene M

Three words… Best! Decision! Ever!

Denise S