Frequently asked questions

We need a 14 day cancellation notice…however if you received SVGs for the current month, you will still be charged on your payment date for that month  and be cancelled for the following month. Where do I find my SVGs?

On the first Monday of the month, the link to access new SVGs will appear on the welcome page that is linked in the menu above. It will remain there until the end of the month for you to access and download. At the beginning of the month, the previous month’s SVGs will disappear from the welcome page, so you need to make sure you make plans to go in and download them each month before they disappear.  You will also be emailed a link to the SVGs on the first Monday of each month you are a member, but just in case your email goes to SPAM, you can always login here to access the current month’s SVGs and bonuses.

How/when will I be billed?

Each month on the same day you checked out on your first month, you will be auto-billed to your card on file. If your payment fails, you will receive an email and your login will no longer work. You will be directed to sign up again for the membership and at that point you will again have access to that month’s SVGs and bonuses.

What if I want to cancel?

No problem! You will need to send an email with the subject line “Cancel Maker SVG Club” to We need a 14 day cancellation notice…however if you received SVGs for the current month, you will still be charged on your payment date for that month  and be cancelled for the following month. We will turn off your autobilling and remove your access. If you ever want to join again you can, but you’ll need to pay whatever the monthly price is at that time. 

What can I do with these SVGs?

You are given a limited commercial use license to create products with these designs. You can create physical products for sale using the designs. You may NOT sell physical stencils with the designs. You may not sell or give away the SVG files.

How do I download and use the SVGs?

We’ve recorded a short video showing how to download files and import them into a program. You can watch that here. 

Why are there different types of files? Which one should I download?

We offer traditional SVGs for those who like to cut vinyl stencils. We also offer bridged designs for those who want to cut reusable stencils out of other materials.  If you are cutting a one time use stencil you will want a vinyl version. If you are cutting a reusable stencil, you will want the mylar version.

Additionally some cutting software programs prefer the plain version and some prefer regular version. Once you decide if you want a vinyl or mylar version, you may need to test and see if your program prefer the vinyl or the vinyl plain version. Or for reusable if your program prefers the mylar or mylar plain version.

How can I updated my payment info?

In the menu above you can click on update account and update your credit card information. If you are having trouble with that, please send an email to

I’m not getting your emails. Help?

Emails will come from . Sometimes emails go to your SPAM, Promotions, or other folder. Also, it’s possible that you might have added the wrong email address or even mistyped your email address. 1. Try searching your inbox (using your email search function) for “ ” or “Maker SVG Club”. If that pulls up the email, then consider adding to your contact list. You can also create a folder in your email and drag emails from us to that folder to save them. All of this will help emails not go to SPAM folders but actually be delivered.

If after using your email search bar you still can’t find any emails from us, send us an email at

Please put “Maker SVG CLUB Help” in your subject line and be sure to give us your signup email address and we will be happy to help you.

Where can I learn more about reusable stencils and becoming a profitable sign maker?

I have a separate membership group that I only open 2 times a year called The Creative Maker Movement. This membership comes with a complete start to finish sign making course that walks you behind the scenes of the methods I use in my six figure plus sign making business. Inside that membership you get different unique SVG designs each month, a monthly SVG tutorial from me, guest artist tutorials, vendor discounts, and a thriving community of nice girl sign makers who share designs, ideas, tips, tricks and life’s best and  hardest moments. It’s the most amazing community. To join this membership you can get more information and sign up to be notified when we open again by clicking here.