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Paint Week


*3 Complete Paint Tutorials: An entire week of fall themed virtual painting fun, filled with 3 complete projects and painting tutorials, and 15 exclusive SVGs! Plus learn how Ashley used her porch to make a profit in her business.

*Trending Designs that Customers Want: We took the guess work out of amazing on trend projects that are going to spark your creative juices and make customers fall in love.

*Exclusive SVG designs and projects: Looking for unique and trendy SVGs and tutorials that are already done with less stress and worry on your end? This paint week has 15 SVGs with commercial use for you!

*An exclusive Paint Week private community: You will get forever access to the replays and posts inside our exclusive Paint Week community. We organize all the materials for you in the group. You’ll love the help and community inside the group!

We have got the ULTIMATE crafty and creative week for you!

Join us in Paint Week now!

Hey, I’m Ashley.

I’m a creative momma who has been a sign painter for over 10 years.

In fact my retail company RiOak has created thousands of signs and shipped them all over the world.

With all this experience under my belt, I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of tricks. I love tackling new projects that customers will LOVE. And these projects have been so fun! I know they’ll inspire you and have your customers falling over themselves to order!


During this week, you will get a taste of what it’s like to be a part of our Creative Maker Movement every month with…

*15 SVG designs

*A full tutorial painting a porch pumpkin project with a workbook and supply list for the tutorials. (No physical items are included in paint week.)

* Another FULL tutorial painting a fall-themed door hanger!

*And another tutorial on creating super fun witches feet plant stakes!

*PLUS,  I’ll be sharing my story with you of how I used my front porch to turn a profit in my sign making business.

*And a bonus chat with me all about my monthly Creative Maker Movement membership.

And did I mention the SVGs come with a commercial use license? That’s right! It includes a license to make products to sell with my SVGs. (We don’t allow  the selling of physical stencils of the designs or selling or distributing the SVG files.) But you can make signs, tote bags, shirts, mugs…go make some sales!

Don’t miss all the amazingness that is Paint Week!

Learn to make these designs for porches and more and then turn them into a profit for your business!

How Does it Work?

We will accept everyone into the group by July 8th so be patient as you wait after you request to join!

 Paint Week will begin July 10th and every video will have 24-7 forever access replays easily located in the group in case you can’t join live.

You will receive access to 15 SVGs that you can use both for the challenge and for your business or personal use. That’s right! These 15 SVGs designed by us are available for you to put on signs and SELL! I am all about us being PROFITABLE sign makers. So make some money.  (We do ask that you do NOT sell physical stencils of these designs…but that’s the limit.)

I will be showing you 3 amazing tutorials using the SVG designs I created for you. So even if after seeing the awesome designs, you are stuck on what to make, don’t worry. I am full of ideas. And I am giving them to you step by step.

You will get to hear my story of how I turned my front porch into profit. I hope it inspires you to see what’s possible. And you will get the chance to participate in our super fun Q and A night! I’ll give you the story of how I found reusable stencils and transformed my sign making business…making me a more profitable sign maker!

Wait… what?

Now I know what you are wondering, with all that we are giving away what is the cost?

It’s $10 one time payment.  Yep. A whole paint week for the price of a fancy coffee.

$10 for 15 exclusive SVGs with commercial use license, 3 tutorials from me, and a super fun week of tutorials, painting, and introducing you to my story of the power of reusable stencil in your sign making world. Plus you get the fun community full of fellow sign makers to create with!

Sign Me Up!

After you sign up you will get an email from us with your link to join the exclusive Facebook group that is for challenge participants only.

Request to join and we will accept people into the group by July 8th. Once in the group you will find some fun posts to get to know you.

All items in paint week will be available to be accessed by you after paint week is over as well. We’ve got it all set up to transform your sign making with cute trendy SVGs, tutorials, and community…we are just waiting on you.

What do Past Paint Week People Say?

Just a few of the thousands of sign makers who’ve joined us in previous paint weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received from previous Paint Week participants.

When and where does Paint Week take place?

All of paint week takes place in a private Facebook Group. We start on July 10 and paint week runs through the 14th with an additional evening Q and A about the Creative Maker Movement on the 17th. A full calendar will come with your welcome email.

What supplies will I need?

A full supply list will come in your welcome email as soon as you purchase with wood sizes, and all the supplies that Ashley used to complete the projects.

Many of the embellishments can be swapped out to be what you have on hand. For instance, Ashley used a button and a stick. The live tutorials in the group will give you even more ideas for ways to customize the projects. ***No physical supplies or items will be sent to you with the purchase of paint week.***

What if I can't watch live?

Every video is available for replay and organized in guides in the group. You will have 24-7 forever access to all the videos as long as you don’t remove yourself from the group. 

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for Paint Week. For about the price of a fancy cup of coffee, we give you SVGs, tutorials and tons of tips. You can see a preview of the projects above…and see from some of the thousands of sign makers who’ve done previous paint weeks just how much they love the experience. If you have any issues accessing Paint Week you can email us at

Do I need a cutting machine? Which machine?

To cut stencils with the SVGs we are giving in paint week, you will need either a cutting machine or access to a friend who has one. Some libraries have makerspace access to cutting machines as well. We don’t care which machine you use. We have people with Silhouettes, Cricuts, Brother Scan and Cuts, and large format plotting machines. If you can import SVGs and cut them, your machine will work. 

What tools will I need?

To do the cutouts for some of the projects you will need access to a scroll saw or jigsaw. We don’t teach you how to use those during paint week, but we do offer the templates to you.  

Will you help me learn to use my machine?

No. Paint week is focused on projects. And we don’t have all the different types of machines to be able to troubleshoot. But, in the past the community has been very helpful to figure things out for others that have the same machine as they do. Make a post in the private community and we bet other members may be able to help.

What is the Add-On Bundle and do I need it?

The add-on bundle is an EXTRA and optional bundle of separate fall themed SVGs, mockups, and done-for-you photos that is completely different than the paint week projects. It is OPTIONAL to purchase for an extra fee. If you do purchase the add-on during checkout you will get a bundle with designs we’ve never offered before at a steep discount off of retail.  You don’t need anything from the bundle to participate FULLY in Paint Week. You can see a preview of the designs in the ADD On Bundle only below.

Optional Add-On Bundle

If you want EVEN MORE fall themed SVGs, plus mockup photos, AND done for you photos of the designs…you’ll want to add on our (completely separate from Paint Week and optional) Exclusive  Fall Bundle. The SVGs alone would normal retail for $50 on our site, but you get the extra SVGs, mockups and photos for $17. Just add it on at checkout!

I only do these super popular paint weeks 2 times a year. So now is the perfect time to jump in and try something fun and new that your customers will love!

I promise you that your questions will be encouraged and answered and you will feel the AMAZING love and support of our paint week community! 

The temperatures may be blazing where you are at, but it’s time to “fall” into some new projects with a loving community and step by step tutorials. 

I hope to see you on the inside! -Ashley