Creative sellers know that there are a lot of skills to learn and develop, often through trial and error, to realize a successful roadmap and build a highly profitable business. Creative Strategies takes the trial and error, the guesswork, and the learning through mistakes out of the equation, substituting instead, tried and true techniques from a six-figure creative power seller. Do you want your business, your community, and your profits to grow quickly? Creative Strategies will show you step by step how to make that happen.

What You Get as a Member

Need More Reasons Why?

With Creative Strategies and Ashley Raetz,

you get access to business strategies from a power seller with proven profit results. She knows what works and knows how to get your business working for you.

Ashley has worked her way from painting

a few signs at her kitchen table to managing a company that ships thousands of products a month around the globe. No matter what stage of business you are at, she’s been there and knows how to guide you and your business to that next level of success.

Ashley has a diverse background

with all major selling platforms including Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Facebook, websites, wholesale, craft fairs, and more. With such extensive experience, she can help you know and implement specific success strategies for your products, your customers, and your business.

How Does it Work?

Every month I will be teaching small business owners how to grow their online presence and sell more product.  If you are looking to start and grow your small business join us!

Month One

Setting up a Business
Expert Panelist on Business Taxes and Insurance and Business Development Expert, Business Assessment and Branding with Resources.

Month Two

Business Social Media
How to set up your Facebook Business Page and Group Page Properly, Facebook Content Expert, Open Q&A, Facebook Page Hot Seats

Month Three

Business Growth
Health of Your Business, Facebook Group Sales, How to achieve an active audience and grow your Facebook Group
OTHER:  Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Open Q&A’s, implementation weeks, hot seats, expert panelist, downloadable trainings and PDF work sheets.


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Bonnie Robbins

“I am a jewelry designer who hasn’t had much luck with on-line selling. I wanted to “up my game” so to speak and had seen some of Ashley’s videos regarding Facebook groups. In March 2016 I had a coaching call with Ashley. She took the time to explain her techniques in building and growing a successful Facebook group, to not only help with sales, but build a solid, local following. Ashley clearly explained her system, fully and completely answered my questions and was encouraging in the ideas I developed during that call. I started my Facebook group that day and within two weeks, had a large enough group I felt comfortable to have my first sale, which was a great success! Since that time Ashley has continued to be supportive of my efforts and has always been available for any questions I’ve had regarding running my group. I’ve said this several times, and am very sincere when I say this, that had I not had that coaching call & followed Ashley’s advice, I would have likely given up trying to make my jewelry into a business. Ashley is down to earth, passionate and helpful beyond any other business coaches I’ve dealt with in the past.”

Janine Hendrickson

“I can’t even remember when and how I found Ashley…But I do remember that I reached out to her privately and let her know that I was not a Facebook Stalker and rambled on from there. From day one, I felt like I have known her for YEARS and we connected from the start. In the creative world, you will meet other makers who see you as the competitor and avoid any kind of conversation with you or let you in on their own little known “secrets”. I myself am a true believer that makers should all be in this together and supporting each other…its a HUGE world and there is enough customers for all of us. Why don’t we all build each up?? Ashley is the creative maker who will support and build up anyone she comes into contact with including myself and others whom make signs just like herself…she doesn’t keep her lil secrets to herself and is willing to help me in any area that I have picked her brain about! Her BRAIN….WOW…that head of hers is filled with soooo much knowledge, experience and research that she could be an Einstein in the Creative world! Who wouldn’t want a piece of what she has to offer…Or sit and pick her brain over a cup of Folgers Coffee? Sign me up….This lady knows her stuff and if she doesn’t know it…You can bet she will educate herself and find whatever she may be looking for. I for one want her in my life not only for my Business but as a true down to earth friend! She is the Real Deal and Simply AH~MAZING!!”

Sarah Doshier Aguirre

“After just a few weeks of working with Ashley and implementing her Creative Strategies, I have seen the results even if it’s hard to believe them. I came to Ashley with a broken and abandoned online presence. Using systematic steps customized to my needs and customers, Ashley helped engage a dying facebook group into an active community.

There’s an unusual aspect to Ashley and her strategies though, especially when compared to other business services and coaching groups… she’s all heart. She cares so much. She cares about you, your family, your customers, your product, your process, your dreams. Literally she will find out about and share your highs and lows with you. One of the highlights of my first live sale night was a voicemail message after my sale ended on a night when she had her own sale, telling me that she was proud of me. She will see something in you that you don’t see, yet. And if you let her, she will turn you around to face the mirror and make you see it in yourself.”

Sherri Reyes

When I met Ashley I was instantly drawn to her… She knew and understood the daily struggles I was facing as a creative entrepreneur, and she generously shared precious wisdom from her own successes.

She has been such a positive source of inspiration and insight- from her video tutorials, right down to her business coaching.

Our one-on-one time has proved invaluable and has set me on a renewed path.

I came to Ashley from a place of overwhelm, frustration and on the verge of giving up on everything I’ve built over the last few years.

She helped me to really evaluate and rethink my entire process and showed me where I was wasting valuable time. She offered ideas to streamline while pushing me to think bigger. Through all this, she helped me realize the distinction in being myself!

{As a side note, I have mad respect for her business mind and the ability to turn her competition into customers.}