For sign makers who want to be faster, have more designs, more tutorials and be more supported, the Creative Maker Movement is the nice girl’s sign making club you’ve been waiting for! 

Joining the Creative Maker Movement has allowed me to have a creative outlet and grow my business in a way I never dreamed of. I have learned countless things from other makers. I have so many resources that I never had before. I have been pushed to try new things. Above all, the community over competition mindset is mind blowing! I will NEVER leave this group and can’t wait to continue to grow along with all of the other amazing makers here! 

-Sarah Harper

Want to make trending wood signs? Want to learn how to use reusable stencils? Want to make signs faster and more accurately? Want to learn from a signmaker who has been in the game for nearly a decader? Want “done for you designs” each month and access to the latest painting techniques?

If the answer is “YES”…

The Creative Maker Movement is for you!

What do you get in the

Creative Maker Movement?

10 years of bulk sign making experience compacted into a full course, plus tutorials and trending exclusive designs each and every month..

That’s right we will give you our suppliers and resources to make an amazing sign! Some of the topics we cover in the course include:


  • wood types and uses
  • sanding techniques and supplies
  • sealing techniques and supplies
  • base coating
  • dry brushing
  • designing reusable stencils
  • cutting stencils
  • tricks for painting with stencils
  • two ways of creating a built sign
  • framed sign construction
  • a new module on creating SVGs to be able to sell designs

And so much more!

Along with all of this as a member of The Creative Maker Movement membership you will also get access to exclusive SVG files that you can cut and use for your hobby or business! And once a month access to new techniques from guest experts! Plus exclusive tutorials from me that I am actually creating and selling in my business.

And I cannot stress the amazingness of the community. They care. They share. It’s a group of sign makers like no other. And the vendors, many of whom are in the group. They have discounts you will not get anywhere else…stencils, blanks, paint, and more that our members love!

I am not kidding! You get ALL of this and more!

We are determined to create the one-stop shop community for creative makers who want to learn all about signmaking, reusable stencils, and creating beautiful quality pieces in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Who is this for?

  • Perfect for a signmaker who currently uses vinyl and wants to learn to design and cut reusable stencils.

  • Amazing for a beginning sign maker who wants access to cut files and resources to make an amazing sign.

  • Awesome for a hobbyist who wants to get access to trending sign designs and resources to make amazing things for their home.

  • Great for any creative maker who wants to learn sign making and how to incorporate reusable stencils into their business or hobby.

When we open, we will only be open for a few days! And since this is the last time we will open this year, do not miss this!

Coming soon

After you sign up on the waitlist, watch for information on our next challenge group! 


join our waitlist!

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We are determined to create the one-stop shop community for creative makers who want to learn all about signmaking, reusable stencils, and creating beautiful quality pieces in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Get on the list!

Sign Makers, don’t wait…

The good news is that this is the chance to join with us. 

The bad news is that we only open a couple of times a year.

This means if you don’t want to wait until next year to join us again. Now is the time. 


But don’t take it from us. Hear what some of the members think.

I love, love, love all of the new things I have learned! Love the support!

Lynda R. Thurman

I absolutely love the Creative Maker Movement group. Ashley is such and inspiration. I have learned so much from her and this group of ladies who are far more than just people on the internet. When I joined the group I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to learn how to utilize reusable stencils to help build my business. I have gained so much more than just that knowledge. I have found a group of women that truly believe in community over competition. I wouldn’t want to lose this group of ladies. Thank you Ashley for creating this wonderful slice of heaven. 

Nicole Bradley

The community…we speak the same language. It’s ok to ask ANY question. People are giving and so inspiring. There is always something to get my creative mojo going…tutorials, svgs, member inspiration. A group where it’s ok to be me and I feel like these are my people and we all have each others backs.

Susan Woolard

The Maker Group is so much more!!! A group of folks learning, teaching, and sharing about creating their art! Great value! So much to learn with so much encouragement, questions answered, and a real sense of community….there is no holding back to keep your products to yourself. But we share what has worked and not worked. At the same time we get education as to proper business ethics. I love this group and have learned so much!! This has given me the confidence to work harder to get my business, Marye’s Cottage Designs, up and going!

Marye Albritton

I love the way this group is more than just a group! It is a movement! I love that Ashley pours content upon content along with her vision for community over competition. Ashley has set out to make this maker world a better place! And she is doing it!! I’m amazed by the quality and quantity of what is shared, the help each member provides each other, and the daily fun and encouragement in this group! I can’t imagine not being in here now!

Evelyn Wortmann

All the trainings! The videos are broken into easily watchable small pieces and the workbooks are so informative and easy to use with clickable links.

Jenny Hughey

People helping people without making them feel like they should already know how. A great group of people wanting everyone to succeed. Giving directions, ideas, and encouragement, you can’t go wrong with that!

Jeanette Browning-French

Community! I love that everyone shares ideas and tips. Plus the tutorials offered are amazing.

Megan Brown

Community and the tutorials. I love to learn something new! And of course the modules. Have learned so much already! Love this group!

Ceil Shulka

We are waiting to welcome you!

The Creative Maker Movement is our monthly sign-making membership that teaches my entire process from start to finish. In addition, get….


A start to finish sign-making course with my exact process for wood choice, prep, designing stencils, cutting stencils, painting signs, finishing signs, and even a brand new module on designing and exporting your own SVGs. The course drips out 1 module at a time for our monthly members.


Each month you are guaranteed at least 5 new SVG designs that are EXCLUSIVE to our Creative Maker Movement members. And our SVG vault (which opens for monthly members during their sixth month) has nearly 500 previous designs exclusive to the Creative Maker Movement.


Each month you receive a one-of-a-kind tutorial with Ashley using the SVGs to create unique and trendy projects designed to build excitement with your customers. You get supply lists and resources to be able to complete the projects. Our tutorial vault has over 45 monthly tutorials that monthly members can access in their sixth month.


Each month we also have amazing guest artists who come in to teach new projects, builds, or techniques. There are over 50 of these tutorials in our guest artist vault.  And all members get access to June Makers Week where we had 7 different makers share projects and ideas with us. 


And the biggest perk of all is access to our amazing community of artists who share unselfishly their knowledge, resources, and inspiration. They truly are the nice girls club of sign makers. They are family, and ready to welcome you in.