We are SO crazy excited to have you in Creative Codebook!

Here are a few important next steps:

1. CHECK YOUR EMAIL! Your login information specific to you is on its way! Remember, though that your first module will not open until next week.

2. After you get the email take a moment and log in to the membership site. There is a Welcome video waiting for you.

3. Request to join our private Facebook Group (Click here to request to join the Creative Codebook Community) if you haven’t already. Please answer all questions and especially tell us the name you used at checkout and the email address so we can approve you. Please allow us a little time to get you approved into the groups. We are working behind the scenes to get our Codebookers approved and into the group. You will find an introduction post in the community once you join. This is how you will introduce yourself in there! So make sure to tell us all about YOU!

4. IF YOU ARE A PART OF THE CMM, THE SVG Club, a previous Codebooker, or previously in our Connectors group, and your email comes without a password, the password is your same old password. If you need help remembering that contact us at info@ashleycreatives.com.

Remember, you can contact us with any questions by emailing info@ashleycreatives.com

Congrats, can’t wait to CONNECT with you!!