For those who feel like there is something missing to improve their business, the Creative Codebook Course is the solution.

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“I’ve paid for other courses and hired other coaches but as a small business in the maker/handmade world none of them really understood my needs, helped me find that next step or pushed me further than the Codebook has. Ashley and Sarah have taken me from baby ‘business’ owner to a confident, savvy business woman.

Gwynn Jones of Gettin’ Creative

Business is hard…but also amazing!

We don’t want to miss out on The Creative Codebook Course.

I remember working so hard trying to do it all. When I was just getting started I saw lots of frustrations that could have made me ready to throw in the towel. I knew and felt like there had to be a better way.


A lot of people are spending hours trying to figure out what their audience wants and it feels like an uphill battle.

I have been there. I have been exhausted with a lot of extra effort trying to optimize my business, figure out SEO, and the hard work of running my own company.

When I started I didn’t have a long term plan. I could barely find the time to post on social media until I perfected the strategy in the Creative Codebook Course.


It would be nice to have a clear path that someone else had followed to success. Like an experienced friend to walk next to us and help us walk that path…one that had figured out strategies they would share with us.

This would be a game changer for our small businesses. Just imagine the confidence and clear ideas that could help move in a direction of success and growth with less stress and more support.

But there is a problem. A lot of the tactics that marketing pros try to teach don’t work for small businesses, let alone handmade businesses. Or if they do work, they require a lot of paid promotions, or a lot of time.

In fact, it’s much more likely for students to purchase a course or membership, be dropped in a giant group and never see the face of their “teacher” again.  There just isn’t the support they need. And while students may end up on the right path…they are all alone there trying to figure it all out by themselves.  

Guess what? There is a guide to demystify everything and hold a hand to make sure everyone has the chance to get it right. 



And we’re going to guide students on this journey!

Meet Ashley: I started painting signs 9 years ago from my tiny kitchen table to make extra money to pay for day care. And now, I own multiple successful businesses with employees and retired my husband from his job as a diesel mechanic to run the business with me. I’ve built a handmade empire by sales on social media, other platforms, and my own website. I also host in person events and in my own shop. 

But it started from my kitchen table!

In the beginning, I had to struggle to try to figure out how to make social media and online strategies work for me. And I am the least techy person anyone will ever meet. I spent hours at a computer trying to figure out where the dang buttons moved, or how to do something that should have been simple. I’ve been the one cutting the wood, painting the wood, marketing the wood sign, selling it, packaging it, shipping it off.

Meet Sarah: It’s been 20 years since I had to find a way to work and use my skills while parenting my 6 kids. I stumbled into digital content creation and soon found myself growing a website with countless pageviews a month, with advertising by major brands, interviews in national publications and more. I’m sort of techy, but I also understand the frustration of so many who are trying to figure out the latest changes, make all the things, and deal with all things real life.

We wished there had been someone to hold our hand and walk that road with us.

But that didn’t happen. And, sure, we figured it all out through trial and error (and more than a few late nights and tears) but when Ashley started to see other handmade makers reaching out to her asking for help, It made something happen inside of her. And she decided…

“I’m not going to let them walk alone.”

 And that’s what the Creative Codebook Course is all about.

The Codebook is a step by step guide with specific details. It’s a clear instruction guide on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it so that students reach the destination for their business that they deserve.


In the future having a small business that helped to improve our quality of life.

That would mean…

*** Less guesswork. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it will stick. Instead, a clearly laid out guide to follow that improves the chances for success

***Gaining clarity on who ideal target market are and improve content strategies

***Learning real life sales methods for social media

***Learning the effective methods of search engine research

***Gaining clarity on who your ideal customer is and learning to create products and content that will appeal to them and help them.

This is not a drill. It’s not a dream. This is a reality that could be just on the other side for so many small business owners.

Creative Codebook Course

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“From the first time I heard Ashley’s story of how she started her own business, I knew she was someone special. From the training that Ashley & Sarah have put together. I went from earning more a month to dreams of bringing my husband home full time. You will not meet two ladies who will give their all to help you succeed.”


Ashley, is the best! Two years ago I was looking for someone to help me with all things with social media. It was hard to find someone. A friend shared Ashley with me and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m in all her things and they are all amazing! I love me some Ashley.”

Liz Mullen of the Creative Hub

The Creative codebook course

The course designed to help increase business by identifying ideal customers, using organic social media methods, developing business strategies, and learning less complicated methods of keyword research. The Creative Codebook is an all-in-one course, providing a hand-holding path that walks students through the steps to build a business with in depth training and gives them the tools to get closer to their goals.

In addition to weekly group coaching calls that will cover the questions that matter to both beginners and more advanced business owners, course students also have access to the complete course modules filled with bite-sized video trainings and workbooks inside the course.  And students get access to an exclusive community for 7 weeks full of business owners on the same path.

We have made the Codebook Course a full 7 week immersive experience with what’s needed to help businesses improve including modules on perfecting the client avatar, optimizing social media presence, marketing strategies, and the basics of SEO and keyword research.

“I’ve been part of other coaching groups but quickly realized I was wasting time there. When I found Ashley, I was so happy to find someone who was not only coaching, she was doing the actual hard work too! That was refreshing! Someone who really does understand all aspects of being a maker and putting your business out there AND getting results that takes care of the bills. It’s not easy and there are lots of moving parts to coordinate but the Codebook breaks it down in bite size pieces so that I could choose what I needed and implement it. 

I’m forever grateful for what Ashley and Sarah have put into each training, lesson, and program!!!”

Jennie Woods from Hidden Cabin Creations

The REason the Codebook is a great choice:

We have created learning resources that appeal to every learning style. And the strategies taught are the ones being used right now in my own business.  

Plus, we will be there the whole way with our students.  The whole purpose of the Codebook course is to support students, and give them the tools they need to meet their goals.

We are going to stretch our students. Because we know they deserve the success.  Everything we have created in this program is done around our Creative Journey Path. We will help students figure out where they are on that path and the steps we can help them take to get where they want to be. 

We combine pre-recorded video training, workbooks, a supportive community and weekly group coaching calls (that always have a replay), along with a searchable library of past coaching calls to make sure students have on demand access to exactly what they need to improve their business.

Lisa Henkenius of Lisa’s Little Things, LLC

“I’ve been here since day 1 and everything Ashley has taught has made monumental changes in my business. I’ve also had life changing experiences being a mentor for the Codebook and attending the Mastermind.”

Amy Hoadley of Wix Wax Candles

“When I saw Ashley in a live I knew I had to get a piece of what she was giving out. I am so glad I listened to my gut. Because of her and her course bringing me together with the accountability gals, I have crushed every goal I set & had to make new ones. Take that leap of faith you won’t be sorry one bit!!”