Feel like Social media just doesn’t work for business?

There are over 221 million social media users in the United States alone. 

So how come it seems like some can’t get as many as they’d like to interact with their stuff while others are rocking and rolling with interaction and sales.  Sure there are millions of social media users in the sea, but is it too much to ask for just a few of those users to swim my way?

For that, thousands of our students have focused on the basics of how social media works for business. And they did it by learning from someone who actively uses social media to run her successful business.

That’s where I come in. I’m Ashley and I LOVE me some social media!

I’ll be honest, social media has completely transformed my life and my family’s life. I run multiple streams of revenue through my accounts, pages, and groups.

And if there is one thing I have learned about social media it’s that I see stunning action when I have my account set up correctly to see success.

During this coaching week challenge we are going to go over the most crucial parts of social media and I will give specific tips and tricks to optimize them to attract your IDEAL customer.


How Does it Work?


Each day beginning February 21st there are training video and PDF or digital downloads that guide you through the specifics to create, protect, or optimize the most important parts of a social media page.

You get access to a whole week of coaching from Ashley with video instructions, live q&a session, and PDFS that walk you through all the steps to makeover your account.

And you get the replays and access to the group for forever. So you can watch and implement on your time schedule or go back to review when you want to remember every detail of coaching week!

We are also including DONE FOR YOU graphics that you can use as models or download and post to your social media.

wait… what?

Now I know what you are wondering, with all that we are giving away what is the cost?

It’s $27.  Yep.

$27to get a multiple six figure plus business coach to walk you through exactly what to do on your Facebook Business Page to set it up for success.

$27 for PDF guides, and videos designed to help you get more reach, engagement and sales.

$27 for done for you graphics designed to get engagement on your page.

$27 for an ebook to help you set up your business for success from day one.

$27 and you get it all.

This challenge is currently closed. But you can get on the waitlist for the Codebook Course at the top by clicking “course.”

Hear what others think…

I thought my Facebook Business Page was “okay” but it wasn’t awesome. The little but oh so simple changes that Ashley taught us made a huge difference in just looks alone. I had no idea I was doing my profile picture and cover photo ALL WRONG! After this challenge I’m ready to “actually use” my Facebook Business Page and put it to work. Thank you Ashley for this practical, much needed and fun challenge.

April Bowerman

I knew my page needed some help but didn’t realize just how much! Ashley made it fun & made me want to to learn more! I would’ve paid so much more for this information! Thank you Ashley!

Helen Moore

I loved this class and each task we were given. It was manageable and not overwhelming. Ashley is amazing and such a great teacher. I would have paid way more for this course and all the information that was provided! Thank you for everything!!!

Wendy Dunn

I’m proud to say I completed the challenge and I LOVED the challenge. I learned so much and don’t want to stop!

Thank you for this challenge!!

Nicole Maxim-Carey

So much time and detail in the challenge! Love your videos zoning in each day on one item (like for instance profile pictures) and then the concise informative PDF’s Sarah creates after really give great information to overhaul what people see when they go to your business page. Well worth the money or even more!

Jenny Hughey