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Welcome to Creative Strategies with Ashley Raetz! As a sign maker from Missouri, I have achieved success on multiple selling platforms including: nearly 5K sales on Etsy, 3 top 100 sellers on Amazon, sell out nights on Facebook, and hosting my own juried craft show. If there is a selling platform for handmade products, chances are that I have done it. And now I want to help you conquer all of those areas too! Knowledge and successful strategies do not fit into a box. There is more than one great way to run a successful business. And that is exactly what Creative Strategies is going to teach you, how to find a strategy that works for you and your business.

What Do Others Say?

Ashley created a fabulous group and she shares and gives of herself every day. Teaching, sharing, giving, helping, and wanting everyone to succeed!

I feel like I am friends with many members though have never met them!

I can’t say enough positive things about this group. I just love it!


I LOVE THE CMM!! Very real, raw conversions about the ups and downs of business and business ideas!!. Great group to be a part of if you need encouragement, brainstorming ideas. I  love how it’s very relatable.

Jennifer B.

I LOVE CMM!! The teaching, the encouragement from Ashley and other CMM members, the SVGs, the brainstorming, knowing that no question is a stupid one….so many things!! Best membership by far that I have EVER been a part of!!


Community over competition.

Tried and true opinions on resources, techniques, materials, etc

A constant flood of fantastic designs, tutorials, and techniques. That’s what you get in the Creative Maker Movement.

Lisa D.

I love simply everything about the CMM. The community is so supportive and holds me accountable. I love the SVGs, they’re always on-trend and help keep me organized with what I should be working on as a business owner. Ashley, Sarah, Cas, Kathy and the whole gang are amazing! I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve felt all the emotions of others sharing their stories. We are family.

Karen F.

The entire Creative Maker Movement is amazing!! The support from Ashley & Team but also all the members willing to help. Ashley’s presence in the raw! No sugar coating! Her tutorials. Like I said EVERYTHING!